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There are MANY reasons why outdoor & indoor growers alike are making the switch to cultivating with Fullbloom Light deprivation systems. By harnessing the power of the sun, light deprivation growers can achieve larger and more potent harvests than any indoor operation could – while at the same reducing start up costs, power bills and lowering the farm’s overall carbon foot-print. Additionally by controlling the environment with Fullbloom’s automated greenhouse systems, indoor quality harvests can be achieved on rural farm land.

Quality built in the USA

Completely automated greenhouse kits

Easy to use, fully automated system

Structural integrity

Excellent structural integrity

Well built greenhouses

Simple, easy to install design

All UL listed components

UL listed components

Fully Automated Environmental Controls

Where most light deprivation greenhouses rely on simply temperature probes for powering fans, and analog timers for blackout systems, Fullbloom uses an autonomous computer system that controls every aspect of the greenhouse environment. With our control system you will be able to automate your day and night schedule, temperature settings, humidity levels, exhaust, ventilation, CO2 levels, and much much more.

Snowy mountain outdoor growing

An Option For Every Climate & Season

Fullbloom’s greenhouses are engineered and built for the Northwest in the Northwest. We have several options for every microclimate; growers in high elevation or snowy climates will want to use our High Country Series greenhouses that are engineered for heavy snow load and wind ratings. Growers with moderate to temperature climates can use our Valley Series series.  Additionally we have heating, cooling and dehumidification options to control your environment in any weather. For more information contact us today for a free no hassle quote.

Sized To Fit Your Needs

Fullbloom offers a variety of sizes in our greenhouse frames to accommodate every grower’s needs. You can choose between 20′ wide quonset style and 30′ wide semi-gable frames as well as length options going up to 95′.

Greenhouse in cold weather

Standard Quonset Style

The Quonset style greenhouse is only available in sizes 20 feet wide and 20-95 ft. long. It has a center height of 12 feet and comes standard with 7 ft. straight sidewalls before the curve of the roof begins. The height and sidewalls can be adjusted downwards with this particular model if needed. Both endwalls are engineered to remain permanently blacked out. One wall contains the custom, pre-welded double black out doors (4’ x 8’ each) and the other is a solid endwall. The permanence of the endwalls makes it easy to mount fans and other equipment.

Semi-Gable Style

The semi-gable frame comes in 30′ wide and can range from 30′ to 95′ in length. It’s center peak height is at 15′ with 6.5′ straight sidewalls. You can get our standard series semi-gable frame, or upgrade to our high country series, which comes with a full support truss system. Both end walls will remain permanently blacked out, with one solid end wall and one end wall with pre-welded double doors.

30 foot greenhouse
Manual Roll-Up Sides

Manual Roll-up Sides (Clear Poly Only)

Open your greenhouse to the summer breeze on a clear day. Easily reach the exact plant you want to treat. With the included manual roll-up cranks simply adjust both sides of the greenhouse’s clear plastic to generate greater ventilation. Keep in mind that this option can only be used when the blackout poly is rolled up and not covering the sides.

  • Easy-to-use wind up tool
  • Smoothly roll plastic up to desired height
  • Clear plastic is secured to the galvanized steel roller bar, eliminating flyaway edges
  • Includes 2 steel roller bars, 2 winding mechanisms and mounting bolts

Blackout Plastic

Our black and white 8mm string-reinforced polyethylene is a film that is manufactured using a combination of the purest polyethylene resins. The finished product uses a black polyethylene skin on one side and a white polyethylene skin on the other. The skins surround a grid of polyester yarn and a final sheet of polyethylene, to form a three-layer product perfect for light deprivation purposes. The black side completely contains light, while the white side reflects heat.

Black out poly material

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