30′ Wide Semi-Gable Valley Series Greenhouse

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Our Fullbloom Semi-Gable Greenhouse packages make growing hassle free and affordable by using best in class galvanized steel framing, anti-drip and light diffusing poly, and only the best ventilation and automation equipment. Our framing is manufactured in Oregon and designed to be as simple as possible to install, eliminating thousands in potential labor costs. We use the toughest and thickest steel frames in the industry so your greenhouses last longer and are more resilient in tough weather than our competitors’ frames. All of our offered accessories, like our exhaust fans, are US made and UL listed for easy permitting. Last but not least, we provide the lowest cost possible by limiting unnecessary features and streamlining our designs, passing the savings and simplicity on to the customer.

Making the switch from outdoor (or indoor) growing to greenhouses makes more sense than any other growing style. By limiting exposure to rain, snow, humidity, pests, excessive heat and cold, the quality of the flowers produced are often comparable to any indoor garden. Outdoor growers can maximize their yields by harvesting three times within the natural growing season. Indoor growers save tens of thousands on building and energy costs by harnessing the sun and lower equipment costs. Use the automated controller and thermometer to control your internal temperature and ventilation systems automatically, making the entire process easier than ever.

Note: Not all items included in photos come standard. Contact your sales rep for details on package contents.

Semi-Gable Style:

The semi-gable greenhouse is only available in sizes 30 feet wide and 30-145 feet long. It has a center height of 15 feet. The peaked roof remains the best design to prevent snow buildup and improve wind resistance while providing the largest growing area for your plants. Our sidewalls are straight, rather than competitors’ hoop houses, which allow you to maximize the amount of plants in your grow space without sacrificing plant height. One wall contains the custom, pre-welded double doors (4’ x 8’ each) and the uses our tough endwall frame. The permanence of the endwalls makes it easy to mount fans and other equipment.


Anti-drip Poly:

Anti-drip poly is now the standard option on our greenhouses, rather than relying on inferior options. Our poly’s anti-drip technology reduces harmful condensation all year round, protecting your plants from excess surface moisture. This poly assists with humidity, reducing any operational costs associated with dehumidifying your grow. The light diffusing qualities of the anti-drip poly have also resulted in an astounding 30% increase in plant yield. We are happy to offer this to you in order to further increase your growth and eliminate some potential problems.

  • Each package includes:
  • Pre-cut, pre-drilled galvanized steel framing.
  • Premium anti-drip poly used standard.
  • Manual side roll-up setup for maximum airflow.
  • High sidewalls (5ft poly height) with 8ft high ceiling height for big plants.

Optional equipment includes exhaust fans, HAF (horizontal airflow) fans and intake louvers for internal air circulation. For those growers interested in fully automation, inquire about the ventilation controller, which works with all your air circulation equipment to simplify your grow operation.


Manual Roll-up Sides:

Open your greenhouse to the summer breeze on a clear day. Easily reach the exact plant you want to treat. With the included manual roll-up cranks simply adjust both sides of the greenhouse’s clear plastic to generate greater ventilation.

  • Easy-to-use windup mechanism.
  • Smoothly roll plastic up to desired height.
  • Clear plastic is secured to the galvanized steel roller bar, eliminating flyaway edges.
  • Includes 2 steel roller bars, 2 winding mechanisms and mounting bolts.

Greenhouse Type Comparison:





Sturdy North American Galvanized Steel

Industry Leading Woven Poly Greenhouse Roof Covering

Woven Clear Poly End Wall Coverings

Manual Poly Roll Up Door

End Wall Framing for Mounting Equipment

8'x8' Double Swing Door

Manual Sidewall Roll Up Kit for Passive Ventilation

8mil String Reinforced Black & White Poly End Wall Coverings

Strong and Efficient External Roll to Peak Light Deprivation Kit

Standard Digital Timer For Blackout Control

Full Automation/Environmental Controller w/ Wiring Panel

Compare Fullbloom vs. Competitors

Fullbloom Greenhouses

Frame Material 1.9 inch heavy gauge roll formed US stainless steel. Designed for moderate snow & wind and able to support hanging plant weight. Bent using precision machinery for uniform strength and operation
Frame Design Quonset style greenhouse with 7ft sidewalls. Maximized plant square footage and height for lights.
Blackout Automation Controller UL Listed US made blackout automation computer with climate controls. Keep plants healthy by controlling temperature/humidity setpoints in conjunction with fans, exhaust, etc. We offer complete climate controlled options.
Greenhouse Coverings Solarig Brand interwoven Greenhouse poly with 7 year warranty: Uses anti condensation spray and light diffusion for healthier plants and bigger yields.
Roll To Peak Motors Total Eclipse Blackout Motors, Korean made. Engineered for better water protection and longevity.
Blackout Mounts Metal arms mount to back of greenhouse frame with vertical climb device for quick installation and zero light likes.
Side Roll Up Steel 3” Aluminum roller tubes with inlaid channel for locking in plastic with wiggle wire. Works flawlessly with little to no shade on greenhouses up to 35’x144’ and larger.
Ventilation Dutch & US made exhaust fan options. UL listed, high efficiency, high longevity, very high CFM’s.
Internal Light Dep Options If a client needs an internal light dep system, it’s for a reason; high wind & high snow. Our cable driven curtain systems are paired with our high snow and high wind engineered greenhouse frames.

Other Guys

Frame Material 1 ⅜’s & nickel plated fence material from China. Not intended for any snow & wind or hanging plants. Easily cave in or blow away during a storm event.
Frame Design Hoop house, with curved side walls walls & or 2-3 ft straight sidewalls. Curved walls cut into available plant growing space.
Blackout Automation Controller Non UL listed housing dial switch and or timer for blackout system. Will not pass electrical code, insurance for fire not covered. Digital timer lacks climate controls.
Greenhouse Coverings Duraskrim brand poly (string reinforced construction material) with no anti condensation spray or light diffusion. No anti condensate = condensation falling onto your flower & powdery mildew.
Roll To Peak Motors Non brand Chinese motors that burn out quickly. What happens when you can’t dep anymore mid flower?
Blackout Mounts Telescoping arms that are built on a pad behind the greenhouse. Prone to movement in the wind causing light leaks.
Side Roll Up Steel 1 ⅜’s swagged end material: Bends as it rolls up leaving more shadow on one end of the greenhouse and prone to snapping in the wind. Not ideal for greenhouses 20’x40’ and longer.
Ventilation Non UL listed, non name brand, Chinese made fans. Will not pass electrical code, loud, inefficient, burnout often, low CFM’s.
Internal Light Dep Options Offer “Frame within a Frame” or two sets of greenhouses using 1 ⅜’s fence material. Will still cave in under high wind and snow loads, wastes available square footage within greenhouse, requires controlling two climate zones.