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36″ Light Trap


In stock

36″ Light Trap for use with exhaust fans and or passive air intakes. Commonly used in conjunction with 36″ fan housing and intake shutters. Use gloves to carry and move light trap units as edges can be sharp.

Proper airflow is a must in any greenhouse grow, whether it is a standard greenhouse or one that uses light deprivation tech. These 36″ Light Traps from Fullbloom deliver an exceptional solution that grants growers the ability to keep their structure light tight on the inside while still getting that airflow and air exchange rate that is so crucial for your plants success. This product is meant for use on exhaust fans and motorized or even passive air intakes. This is typically implimented with 36″ intake shutters. If used with exhaust fans, make sure light trap size matches the rough opening of the fan housing, not just the blade diameter of the fan.

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 11 × 6 in