35’ Wide Engineered Exterior Light Deprivation Greenhouse


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Fullbloom Light Deprivation’s automated light deprivation package now comes on a 35’ wide engineered greenhouse structure. Our auto blackout greenhouses make growing indoor quality flower at an outdoor scale hassle free in any climate by using top quality materials and our unique 35’ wide engineered Guardian Series greenhouse. Each greenhouse frame is made out of heavy duty galvanized steel, pre-welded cathedral style trusses, and comes with the best quality components available. Our versatile design allow us to provide you with the best structure for your application.

Greenhouse growing these days isn’t complete without a light deprivation system. By using an automated blackout system, growers can harvest 3-5 times a year by putting the sun on their schedule. By harnessing the sun in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, growers will see their outdoor plants now producing indoor quality flower. Investing in a fully automated light deprivation greenhouse is a cost effective and efficient way to set up a climate controlled grow, while reducing start up costs and carbon footprints. Our light deprivation greenhouses are quick and easy to install and gives growers the control they need to have a successful harvest multiple times a year. Use the automated controls to set your blackout periods and your environmental controls and forget the headache of remembering to pull tarps everyday.
Note: Not all items included in photos come standard. Contact your sales rep for details on package contents.



Automation is the the most efficient way to ensure your plants are on the correct light cycle in an environment they can thrive in. When manually pulling tarps on and off a greenhouse multiple times per day, chances are that the timing is going to be occasionally incorrect. Slight changes in light cycle timing from manually pulling tarps,can cause flowers to lose density or even become hermaphrodites. Plants get confused when lighting schedules are altered, so most experienced growers suggest using automation to eliminate the guesswork.
Our complete light deprivation packages provided here include the engineered 35’ wide greenhouse frame, 6mil woven IRAC translucent poly,manual hand crank sidewall roll ups, blackout poly (black on the inside, white on the outside), guide motors, and an automation controller, as well as all necessary steel and hardware. Just add ventilation for a complete kit, plus any additional accessories you may need to maintain the ideal environment inside your greenhouse.. Speak to one of our sales representatives for a full package quote, including ventilation, evaporative coolers, winterized accessories, and upgrade options. Your local environment and size of desired greenhouse will factor into what equipment will be recommended.

Another exciting feature an automated greenhouse system is the opportunity for further remote control. The included automation/environmental controller takes care of rolling up the light dep system on a timer. It also includes an internal thermostat that can work directly with ventilation equipment (like motorized intake louvers and exhaust fans) to control the internal temperature of the greenhouse from afar. With the addition of a humidity, CO2, and lighting sensor, you can maintain control over every aspect of the greenhouse environment. Ask about the cloud control option which allows users to modify and control greenhouse settings from a computer or smartphone!


Guardian Series:

Our Guardian Series Greenhouse is a strong, engineered structure for all 50 states. If you are operating in a moderate to extreme climate, the Guardian Series will stand up to 130 MPH winds and snow loads up to 40 PSF. At 35’ wide there are available length options starting at 48’ up to 144’. With 6’ – 8’ sidewalls, you can choose a size ideal for the plants you are looking to grow. The Guardian Series greenhouse comes with oval tubing bows and square uprights, and includes a full pre-welded webbed truss system ideal for all growers looking to maintain control over their environment while growing by the natural power of the sun.

  • Pre-cut, pre-drilled galvanized steel framing
  • Welded galvanized trusses
  • Oval tubing bows and square tubing uprights
  • 6 mil woven Solarig anti-condensate & light diffusing poly
  • 6’ – 8’ manual sidewall roll-ups
  • Pre-welded double 4×8 swing doors

Optional equipment includes exhaust fans, HAF (horizontal airflow) fans, motorized intake louvers, heating equipment, & more.

*Wet stamped engineered blueprints for specific county codes are available upon request. There will be an additional process and lead time for engineering with $3,000 upfront fee.


Manual Roll-up Sides (For Clear Poly):

During the agreeable times of the year, you can open your greenhouse to a fresh breeze with the included manual roll-up cranks simply adjust both sides of the sidewall clear plastic for passive ventilation and increased CO2 intake. Keep in mind that this option can only be used when the blackout poly is rolled up and not covering the sides.

  • Easy-to-use wind up tool.
  • Smoothly roll plastic up to desired height.
  • Clear plastic is secured to the galvanized steel roller bar, eliminating flyaway edges.
  • Includes 2 steel roller bars, 2 winding mechanisms and mounting bolts.


Blackout Plastic:

Our blackout poly is a triple layer, 8 mil black and white, string-reinforced polyethylene using a combination of the purest polyethylene resins. The layers consist of a black polyethylene skin on one side and a white polyethylene skin on the other. The black and white skins envelop a a final sheet of polyethylene with a grid of polyester yarn, to form a durable yet flexible product perfect for light deprivation purposes. The black side completely contains light, while the white side reflects heat.


System Requirements:

  • Needs 200 watts of power.
  • Runs on AC power only.


Shipping Notes:

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