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72″ Light Trap


In stock

72″ Light Trap For Use With Exhaust Fans & Passive Air Intake. This prevents light from getting through while letting air pass. Commonly used in conjunction with 72″ intakes. Use gloves to carry and move light trap units as edges can be sharp. Store and install light traps with the plastic fins in a vertical orientation to prevent the fins from sagging.

When utilizing light deprivation techniques for growing, it is imperitive that the grow space be kept light tight, but airflow is still crucial to a plants ability to survive and thrive. Light Traps like this unit use corrugated blackout plastic fins to allow for proper arflow while trapping light so that it cannot interfere with the growing environment. This 72″ Fullbloom Light Trap is for use with exhaust fans & passive air intake, commonly used in conjunction with Fullbloom’s 75″ intakes.

Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 11 × 8 in