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75″ Motorized Louver


In stock

75″ Motorized Louver. Triple panel aluminum with 9ft 115V cord. (If purchased without iGrow 800 Greenhouse Controller, single stage thermostat required for temperature based open/close control). Rough Opening 75.5″x75.5″

These 75″ motorized intake louvers from J&D come with a 9′ 115V cord and are ideal for use on air intakes on your greenhouse. Usually used on large sized structures, they are an important accessory when working towards a controlled growing environment. Placing this unit on your intakes let you close the intakes to prevent temperature loss when heating your growing environment or open the intakes when you need to bring in fresh air from outside. The motorized option allows for the louver to open to its fullest, granting the most airflow through the intake and reducing the strain on your exhaust fan to refresh the air inside your greenhouse. Rough Opening 75.5″x75.5″

This unit can be used on either standard greenhouses, or on light deprivation greenhouses. If the inteded use is for a light deprivation greenhouse, it is highly recommended that the louver be paired with a 72″ Fullbloom Light Trap to block light out during the deprivation cycle while still allowing for proper air exchange.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 79 × 3 in