Guardian 35′ Drying & Curing Building

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The Guardian series Drying & Curing building is an ideal multi purpose building for curing and drying hemp or cannabis plants. Save tens of thousands of dollars from a metal building and get use a multi purpose Greenhouse frame and environmental control system for curing your plants.

With the Guardian 35’ wide building you have up to 5040 available square feet for your drying and curing building (with other sizes available at 72’, 96’, 120’, and 144’. Cure several acres of plants with just one building. The 35’ Guardian gives you more cubic square feet than any other Greenhouse frame of similar size for drying as the building is 17’10” feet tall, and sidewalls are 7’. This, paired with a cathedral style truss system, gives you plenty of room to hang your plants via trellis netting or other means.

This building is designed for external and internal weight, unlike standard greenhouse frames that are only meant to shed external weight and can cave in from too many hanging plants.

The Guardian 35’ makes a great multipurpose building, use it during harvest and curing season for hanging and curing your plants and simply remove the blackout material and you have a ready to operate greenhouse for winter or spring.

This building is engineered and will pass building codes in even the most extreme climates in the US. If your county/city needs a permit, no problem, our engineering team is licensed in all 50 states.

The Guardian 35’ Drying & Curing building pricing quoted features the full frame (pre punched and pre drilled hot dip galvanized oval tubing) blackout plastic for the main covering of the greenhouse and end walls, clear plastic for underneath the blackout plastic (if you decide to operate as a greenhouse in the spring you simply remove the blackout plastic), and all the hardware needed to attached the blackout plastic.

Available options for the curing building (custom quoted for each location’s climate) are; ventilation (for humidity/heat removal), thermostats or more advanced environmental control units, dehumidifiers, winter inflation kits, ridge vents (for passive air removal), and heaters.


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