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iGrow 800 Greenhouse Environmental Controller


The iGrow 800 is a full greenhouse automation and environmental controller. The easy-to-use touch screen allows you to fully automate all of the working components in your greenhouse, with manual control when needed. You can set your light dep system on a time point to close and open at the same time every day, ensuring the light cycle for your plants is exact. There are multiple sensor options for this unit, the most basic of which is the temperature probe. This probe allows exhaust fans, auto sidewall roll ups, circulation/HAF (horizontal air flow) fans, and heaters to be set up on a temperature point so your plants are always growing in an environment they can thrive in. With the addition of a humidistat or integrated sensor module, you can even automate based off of humidity, CO2, and lighting levels. Cloud based control options means growers can access everything remotely, checking to make sure all systems are functioning properly, or manually adjusting accessories as needed. The iGrow 800 has 8 available channels with an expansion option for 12, so you can easily automate any sized grow.

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