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Reznor UDAP 225K BTU Heater (Propane)


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Reznor unit heaters perform at 83% thermal efficiency, with easy installation from either 2 or 4 suspension points, easy access to control wiring, and an exterior gas line nipple, making this heater perfect for large scale commercial greenhouses or warehouses. The new series features the Tcore heat exchanger and single burn combustion system with a terminal for fan operation only. Standard features include single-stage gas valve, multi-try direct spark ignition with timed lockout, pressure switch to verify vent flow, improved resilient assembly and housing, and a high temperature limit control.

Maintaining a consistent temperature in your greenhouse makes all the difference in the world for your plants. When it comes to heating a greenhouse, Reznor unit heaters are some of the best money can buy. These UDAP models have a 83% thermal efficiency and feature a Tcore heat exchanger and single burn combustion system. These units can be easily installed and hung from 2 or 4 suspension points, have readily accessible control wiring, and have an exterior gas line nipple, all of which make this heater perfect for larger scale commercial use. Available in several different BTU ratings, there is a UDAP heater for every structure.

Weight 257 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 47 × 31 in