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SK LowPro Veg LED


When trying to maximize usable growing space in a constrained area, setting up a vertical grow with a racking system is the best way to veg a large number of plants in a minimum amount of space. With virtually no housing to take up space or restrict light penetration, the Spectrum King LowPro Veg LED is the best light on the market for vertical farming. The LowPro Veg is a 420W LED and gives off an even 4’x4’ light spread for maximum vegetative growth.

4 Bars (105 watts per bar)
120 volt – 3.5 amps
240 volt – 1.75 amps
277 volt – 1.52 amps
480 volt 3ph – 0.5 amps
63,070 lumens
Hanging distance is 18″ – 24″

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