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SK402 LED Grow Light


The Spectrum King 402 LED is a highly efficient 460W full spectrum light. This LED has the same light intensity as a 1000W single ended HPS lamp while pulling significantly less power and penetrating deep into the canopy for optimum coverage. A great option for greenhouse supplemental lighting when vegging or flowering outside of season, the die cast aluminum housing is water resistant and safe for outdoor use. The SK 402 can include a manual dimmer for more control over power output. Spectrum King covers the 402 under two warranties, the light is guaranteed to maintain 90% or better output for 3 years with a 5 year mechanical warranty on all parts.

9’ power cord for 110 – 277VAC (480V Optional)
460W power draw
44873 Lumens
Lifespan of 50K + hours
60°, 90°, & 120° light beam angle availability
Veg Grid: 6’ x 6’ @ 30″ – 42″ above canopy
Flower Grid: 4’ x 4’ @ 12″ – 18″ above canopy

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