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If you are trying to get through your harvest in a quick and organized manner, but struggling to package and store all of your product, check out these large capacity bags from Terpene Fresh. Perfect for quickly packaging hundreds of pounds at a time, you can fit about 15 lbs of product into these bags. These high barrier film pouches have a resealable airtight zipper, allowing you to temporarily store large amounts of product until you are ready to seal it up in smaller increments. Quickly load your product in and out of these pouches with the convenient stand up feature. Terpene Fresh’s EVOH pouches have a low permeability, reducing oxidation effects by blocking air from passing through, offering the best packaging material on the market. Made from puncture resistant film, these pouches will reduce risk of damage or degradation to your product during storage and transportation. Package your product quicker and with fewer headaches with the Terpene Fresh large capacity pouches.

15 lb capacity pouches (size: 24”x36”x8” thickness: 4 mil): $10/pouch

15 lb capacity pouches (size: 24”x36”x8” thickness: 4 mil): $800/box (100 count)



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