Price per box = Quantity 50 – 1 lb pouches

1/2 lb pouches available

*1-2 day delivery*

These EVOH high barrier film pouches offer the best packaging material on the market. Made with Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer, there is no toxic gas output and will leave little lasting effect on the environment. This is also the property that gives the pouches their low permeability. High barrier film keeps gases like oxygen from passing through the pouches and causing oxidation. In comparison to other LDPE bags on the market, which are low barrier/highly permeable. An added benefit is a puncture resistant material that will withstand the trials of storage and transport. You will see 90% trichome retention from packaging to opening. All pouches have a stand up structure for easier loading ability with an airtight zipper so you can reuse, open, and close the pouch as necessary before final packaging.

The metalized pouches are constructed from copolymer film with a thin layer of metal on the outside of the pouch. Metalized film protects against acid and reflects UV light with an extra layer of protection against punctures. Ideal for transporting or storing when light exposure is probable.

Solid Silver:

½ lb capacity pouches (size: 10.5”x12”x4” thickness: 3.5 mil): $40/box (50 count)

1 lb capacity pouches (size: 15.5”x16”x6” thickness: 4 mil): $77/box (50 count)


Solid Gold:

1 lb capacity pouches (size: 15.5”x16”x6” thickness: 4 mil): $85/box (50 count)



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