*Price for 30″ machine. Additional sizes available

Add $200 for gas regulator

Are you part way through your harvest and wondering what is the best way to store or transport your product? Terpene Fresh is the solution to your packaging needs. This gas flush vacuum sealer comes with a 20” or 30” seal bar and will seal 100 lbs an hour, cutting labor and time down, and ensuring a better preserved product.

This unit comes with a self contained compressor and an adjustable vacuum dial so you can get the best seal on any size bag. The most important aspect of this machine is the gas flush capability. With the addition of a regulator, you will have a complete setup to remove oxygen content from your packaging down to 1% or less. This will keep your product from oxidizing, resulting in a preserved THC and CBD content from farm to consumer. You can even stick your sealed packages in the freezer without worrying about degradation to your buds.

The only thing not included with this unit is a gas tank. You can use Nitrogen or Argon air gas tanks, a 20 cubic ft. tank will flush 50 lbs of flower with the gas regulator set at 100 PSI. Used in conjunction with Terpene Fresh’s high-barrier film EVOH pouches, your product will be protected from harmful factors such as light, oxygen, and heat. If properly packaged, you can store your product for 11 months with no damage to your trichomes or potency. A two year manufacturers warranty ensures a smooth working machine, with little maintenance required.

CAVN series includes:

  • 20” or 30” machine
  • built in compressor w/ foot pedal operation
  • ¼” sealing element
  • vacuum filter
  • vacuum regulator
  • 20” x 12” work tray
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