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V-Flo Fans (240V)


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This 3,050 CFM vertical airflow fan provides optimal air distribution in the greenhouse while reducing energy cost and providing an active microclimate at plant level.

The V-Flo fan from Vostermans Ventilation is a revolutionary product when it comes to air re-circulation in greenhouse grow environments. Recirculating air inside a structure is a cost effective way to improve airflow and keep your plants happy and healthy. This unit destratifies and mixes the air inside the greenhouse to provide a constant airflow at plant level. This fan also helps to mix the warm air fromt he ridge of your structure with the cold lower air helping to save on HVAC costs. Providing 3,050 CFM at an efficiency of 15.1 CFM per Watt, this 16″ V-Flo from Vostermans is the industry leader in air destratification fans.

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 28 × 16 in