Quest Dual 225 Overhead Dehumidifier


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Quest’s Dual 225 Dehumidifier is the most efficient and practical unit for commercial greenhouse operations. The Dual 225 unit is energy efficient, running on 230V with a minimal amp pull of 6.9 and maximized output of 6.1 pints/kWh. This unit is plug and play installable and can be placed on the ground, or mounted overhead for optimal use of space. In comparison to other dehumidifiers on the market, the efficiency of the Quest Dual 225 will save the grower money in electricity costs. This unit will require a humidistat/sensor for full operation. Quests are manufactured in the USA with a MERV-11 standard filtration unit and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 25 × 29 in