Hemp Buildings Drying & Commercial Curing Rooms

Need to cure acres of hemp but don’t want to spend millions of dollars on a warehouse that will only be used once a year? Consider a multi purpose blackout greenhouse by Fullblooom. Our hemp curing greenhouses can be used to properly hang and cure hemp and then be repurposed in winter or spring to start your next round of plants.


What size hemp drying building is right for me?

The size of your building needs are a direct relation to how many acres are being grown. Generally our customers will build vertical hanging systems inside the greenhouse to squeeze as much space as possible. We have buildings of almost every size for every need; with freestanding structures at 3,000, 5,000, & 6,000 square feet options along with much larger connected structures that can span many acres in size.

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How does it work?

By fixing a permanent or automated blackout system to the greenhouse, and adding proper environmental controls, a greenhouse will be the most cost effective way to begin the process of curing your hemp. With our automated environmental controls you can maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels by exhausting hot/humid air and operating an efficient dehumidification system.

Why a multipurpose hemp drying greenhouse?

When curing is finished your building can be easily converted to a standard greenhouse or fully operational light deprivation greenhouse. Grow your own seed stock, mother plants for clones, feminize your own seeds, or harvest higher quality CBD flower all year for a more steady stream of income.


Permanent attachment

We can wrap the entire greenhouse with blackout material over the top of the standard greenhouse poly and fixate it with channel and wire, which can be removed as soon as curing is done to allow for greenhouse cultivation. This is the more budget focused route as there will be no automation on the blackout system.



Use our standard automated light deprivation system from the beginning. By automating the blackout system with motors, you can immediately convert the “hemp curing building” into a fully functional light dep greenhouse with the press of a button. This will allow you to grow through the winter in a controlled environment. By adding lighting and heating you can extend the photoperiod so you can veg or flower all winter long.