Titan Cathedral Series Interior Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse Kit


The price shown above is for the 30’x96′. For pricing on larger sizes please fill out the form in the description or call us at 888-725-4769.


Greenhouse Style

The Titan Cathedral series gothic blackout greenhouse is the roomiest, most cost-effective stand-alone greenhouse available on the market.

The Titan spacious interior is ideal when you need more usable space. Choose from width of 30’ or 40’ and a length of 48’ and up. The Titan’s vertical sidewalls are available up to 14’ tall, with curtains up to 18’. Your plants will receive maximum light transmission from the 27-degree roof pitch. Cannabis and other delicate crops won’t be damaged by excess heat and humidity thanks to the tall ceiling height, which maintains optimal cooling and airflow.

Choose between a poly film or polycarbonate covering. For extra durability and longevity, consider our 8 mil SOLARIG woven poly film. Several different sidewall ventilation options are available, as well as single or double ridge vents.

Maximize your grow with the addition of an interior blackout and shade curtain system. The Titan gothic style greenhouse is designed to easily accommodate our automated light deprivation systems.

The Titan can be outfitted with steel endwalls to create a multi-purpose use building. With a 50 PSF snow rating, the Titan can withstand the rigors of a high snow environment. It is engineered for all 50 states so you regardless of your area, the Titan is a great choice for a large stand-alone greenhouse.

Our Interior Blackout System Vs. Theirs

If you’re growing year-round, it’s important to control the photoperiods, or light cycle your plants are exposed to. Exposing them to too much light during their flowering cycle can create problems for your crop.

That’s why it’s so important to operate an interior blackout system that will give you peace of mind and provide worry-free performance year after year.

The Fullbloom interior blackout system rises above the rest in some key ways.

One of the biggest issues faced by many blackout systems on the market is that the fabric is pushed and pulled across metal or cables. This will eventually lead to tearing of the fabric. Our system keeps the curtains free and clear of any rubbing through the use of a specialized hook and lever system, providing the operator with many more years of use before a replacement fabric is necessary.

Most interior blackout systems currently available use a “rack and pinion” style system to close the curtains. The Fullbloom sliding blackout system is a cable-driving “pull-pull” system with a patented sealing extrusion, which creates tighter blackout conditions when closed. The light reaching each bay of the greenhouse is maximized due to the precise operation of the system and curtains that open into tighter bundles.

Pre-fabricated components and pre-installed connection points make this system easy to install by a professional contractor, and allow you to continue operations with very little downtime.

This system includes a three-phase Ridder gearbox motor. It will ship to you pre-wired and can easily be connected to a new or existing environmental/automation controller. The gearbox motor includes a manual operation switch, reverse function, and a variable frequency drive (VFD) for performance and reliability time after time.

Key Features of our Sliding Blackout System

“Pull-pull” cable-driven system provides greater reliability than the more common rack and pinion systems
Light transmission during selected daylight hours is maximized by tighter curtain bundles
Rated for more than 10 years of maintenance-free operation
Quick installation with pre-fabricated components
Three-phase Ridder gearbox motor for reliability and performance


Automated systems are becoming more and more popular with cannabis growers as they discover the many benefits they provide. Time and labor costs are saved when growers are no longer manually pulling tarps, and more precise photoperiods are ensured when curtains operate automatically.

Interior blackout systems take these advantages a step further. When the sliding blackout system is on the inside of the greenhouse, you don’t have to worry about snow or winds interfering with the operation of your equipment. This makes it easier and more profitable to grow your crops through all four seasons.

With this system, you can also automate a/c, dehumidifiers, heaters, and all ventilation, including circulation fans, exhaust fans, louvers, and sidewall roll-ups.

It’s easy to see key metrics of your greenhouse data, including CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature, from your phone or computer using a cloud-based automation controller.

Included in Your Kit

This complete interior light deprivation package includes the following:

Steel greenhouse frame & truss system
Light diffusing, anti-drip, woven greenhouse poly
Blackout fabric for the interior curtain system
All working parts, including gearbox motors and an automation/environmental controller
Dual 4×8 pre-welded blackout doors
Metal end walls
All necessary steel and hardware

Optional Upgrades

With different climates come different needs to provide the ideal climate to your plants.

Exhaust systems, ventilation, & breathable wall light traps
Roof vents for efficient heat and humidity control
Shade cloth and shade curtain systems for high heat climates
Dehumidifiers and heating systems
UL Electrical contact panels and lighting panels
Polycarbonate sidewalls and/or roof coverings
Inflation kits for added insulation
Auto roll-up sides, and much more
We customize all of our quotes depending on your specific needs and environment. Call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for a complete quote, including ventilation and winterizing accessories.