Gutter Connect Automated Interior Light Deprivation Greenhouse

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Greenhouse Style

If you have a larger operation or simply need to maximize the growing space on your property, consider Fullbloom’s automated blackout Gutter Connect Greenhouse. Gutter connect style , sometimes called ridge and furrow greenhouses, are connected along the length of the greenhouse at gutter level and have open bays

This style of greenhouse can offer you some advantages over single freestanding greenhouses of similar sizes. Because there is less surface area for heat loss, you’ll save on energy costs. You may also experience a greater efficiency in labor because everything is under one roof.

This multispan gutter connect greenhouse comes with bay width options of 18’, 21’, and 24.’
If you need a greenhouse with taller ceiling heights, you can designate a wall height of up to 24’ with up to 14’ roof vents. The length starts at 48’ and goes up in increments of 12.’

Full sun coverage is attained through the 27-degree roof pitch and moisture buildup is reduced due to the aluminum drip gutters.

Fullbloom’s blackout gutter connect greenhouse series is engineer stamped and are single-, double-, and triple-span convertible so you can plan ahead for easy expansion. The oval galvanized steel tubing provides superior strength and longevity. This system is designed to be easily assembled by a professional contractor.

The structure can be covered with a poly film, twin wall polycarbonate, or acrylic covering, depending on your needs. The Gutter Connect Series can accommodate an automated blackout or shade curtain system, or include both in a dual curtain system.

The bays in the gutter connect greenhouses can be left open if you need the greatest amount of open floor space or closed off to repurpose bays for various uses. This flexibility makes the Gutter Connect Series one of the most versatile greenhouses on the market.

The Gutter Connect Greenhouse series can be easily installed by a professional contractor. Pre-fabricated components and pre-installed connection points mean that your greenhouse can be operational with very little downtime.

Our Interior Blackout System Vs. Theirs

When implementing an automated blackout system, it’s important that the system completely blocks out all light, as even small light leaks can disrupt your plants’ photoperiods and cause problems with your crops.

Not all blackout systems are created equal. Fullbloom’s interior blackout systems will provide you with the security of knowing that your plants are safe from inadvertent light leaks or unscheduled sunlight exposure.

A common problem with many of the interior blackout systems on the market is the blackout fabric being pushed and pulled across metal or cables and wearing out prematurely. We have solved that issue with a specialized hook and lever system. Your curtains stay free and clear of the cables and their lifespan is greatly prolonged, saving you money in replacement costs.

Most of the interior blackout systems on the market use a “rack and pinion” style system. The Gutter Connect Greenhouse uses a “pull-pull” cable driven system, which ensures tighter blackout conditions when closed, thanks to the patented sealing extrusion. When open, the system creates tighter curtain bundles to maximize sunlight exposure to each bay.

Due to the high tension and consistent seal, the manufacturer rates this system for more than ten years of maintenance-free operation.

The blackout system includes a three-phase Ridder gearbox motor. It has a manual operating switch and a reverse function and ships pre-wired. This gearbox motor is easily connected to any environmental/automation controller. The variable frequency drive (VFD) ensures long-lasting reliability and performance.

Key Features of our Sliding Blackout System

    • “Pull-pull” cable driven system more reliable than competitors’ rack and pinion systems
    • Curtains open wider with tighter bundles, maximizing light transmission during chosen daylight hours
    • Rated for more than 10 years of maintenance-free operation
    • Pre-fabricated for quicker installation
    • Three-phase Ridder gearbox motor comes prewired


    Automating your interior blackout system allows you the freedom and peace of mind of knowing that your plants are getting precisely the sunlight and environmental influences that they need, even when you’re away from the grow.

    When the blackout system is on the interior of the greenhouse rather than the exterior, you’ll experience even more advantages. You won’t have to worry about high winds or snow interfering with the operation of your equipment, and it will be easier than ever to grow through the winter.

    All your greenhouse systems can be automated, including a/c, dehumidifiers, heaters, and all ventilation, including circulation fans, exhaust fans, louvers, and sidewall roll-ups. Key metrics such as humidity, CO2 levels, and temperature, are available for easy viewing from your phone or computer using a cloud-based automation controller.

    Included in Your Kit

    This complete interior light deprivation package includes the following:

          • Steel greenhouse frame & truss system
          • Light diffusing, anti-drip, woven greenhouse poly
          • Blackout fabric for the interior curtain system
          • All working parts, including gearbox motors and an automation/environmental controller
          • Dual 4×8 pre-welded blackout doors
          • Metal end walls
          • All necessary steel and hardware

    Optional Upgrades

    With different climates come different needs to provide the ideal climate to your plants.

          • Exhaust systems, ventilation, & breathable wall light traps
          • Roof vents for efficient heat and humidity control
          • Shade cloth and shade curtain systems for high heat climates
          • Dehumidifiers and heating systems
          • UL Electrical contact panels and lighting panels
          • Polycarbonate sidewalls and/or roof coverings
          • Inflation kits for added insulation
          • Auto roll-up sides, and much more

    Each quote for an interior light deprivation greenhouse is individualized to your specific needs and location. Please speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for a comprehensive quote, including ventilation and accessories.