Gutter Connect Greenhouse


Website pricing is for 10k sqft Greenhouse

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Gutter Connect Overview

Fullbloom’s Gutter Connect Greenhouses provide one of the best solutions for large scale projects. Being modular in design, the Gutter Connect greenhouses can be as large as you can imagine and makes for easy expansions. Economies of scale kick in and provide for the most economical approach to building large footprints while providing for the most optimal environmental controls of any greenhouse. Available with options for both extreme cold or extreme heat climates, easy to assemble, and engineered, there is no better gutter connect greenhouse on the market. This is the most customizable structure available, create one continuous environment, or section bays off for individual climate controlled zones. Our standard structure quote is 24’ wide bays with a 14’ under gutter height.


  • Higher ground to curtain clearance flowering plants & bench top growing
  • Unlimited greenhouse canopy size maximizes space and budget.
  • Larger volume of air makes temperature and humidity swings much easier to control.
  • Automated roof vents & shade cloth make this the best option for hot and humid climates.
  • Engineered steel frames make it ideal for extreme snow and wind loads.
  • Customizable bays & dividing walls make for easy cloning, veg, and flower production.
  • Will pass engineering code in any county in the US & Canada.

Standard Features:

Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel

Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel

  • North American Galvanised Steel
  • Pre punched – Pre Drilled for easy install
  • Rated for extreme snow & wind
  • Rust Free For Life
Gutter Design

Exclusive Gutter Design

  • Industry leading 11 Gauge Heavy Gutter
  • Increases Strength & Structural Integrity
  • Fool proof water removal system
Automated Ridge Vents

Automated Ridge Vents

  • Passively Remove Heat & Humidity
  • Ideal for Hot Climates
  • Reduces Energy Costs From Ventilation & Cooling
Solarig Woven Poly Panels

Solarrig Woven Poly Coverings

  • Anti Condensate Poly Reduces dripping & PM outbreaks
  • Woven Poly Reduces Tear Risks & provides longevity
  • Light diffusion reduces heat and Botrytis outbreaks
Vosterman Exhaust Fans

Vosterman Exhaust Fans

  • Industry best quality Dutch made exhaust fans
  • Higher CFM’s & More Efficient than competition
  • Packaged with light traps for preventing light leaks
Custom Automation System

Custom Design Automation Systems

  • Choose from US Made or Dutch Environmental Controllers Hortimax Go
  • Onsite controls and remote phone controls & alerts
  • Custom designed for your growing needs
Titan Cathedral Series

Insulated Winter Poly Roof & Sidewalls

  • Reduce Heating Bills by 45% With Inflated Roofs & Sides
  • Significantly Better IR rating than Polycarbonate Or Glass
  • Can swap for Polycarbonate siding in high wind climates

Polycarbonate Endwall Cladding

  • Black On Black Twinwall Polycarbonate Endwalls
  • Provides better IR value than Metal Endwalls
  • Clear Gable Cladding Works W Light Deprivation Systems

Total Blackout Light Deprivation Curtains

  • Proprietary Pull-Pull Cable Driven Design
  • Seamless meeting points provide better blackout than rack & pinion systems
  • Using industry best Dutch Ridder Motors & 3 Layer Svenson Blackout Fabric

Options & Upgrades:

Automated Shade Cloth Curtains

Exclusive to our Gutter Connect greenhouses, automatic shade cloth can be installed along with the blackout curtains. This creates the perfect solution for helping to reduce temperatures during hot days as well as for providing for better light diffusion during vegetative plant stages. 

Anti Condensate Poly

Using industry best Solarrig woven poly, we are able to prevent water from forming and dropping onto flowers (which creates PM outbreaks). Provides a 86% light transmission rating, providing for better light diffusion and a better harvest than clear poly or polycarbonate. Standard with 5 year manufacturer direct warranty.

Winter Inflation Kit

There is no better insulation value then a winter inflation kit. Using two layers of polyethylene, we create a giant air bubble in the roof, up to several feet in thickness. This provides a 40% energy savings over polycarbonate and adds strength for wind and snow resistance.

Auto Roll Up Sides

Auto Roll up sides provide a great solution for heat removal and passive airflow. When the air outside the greenhouse is a better temperature than inside, the sidewall roll ups will open and improve climate conditions without relying on ventilation equipment. Available with anti insect netting.

Polycarbonate Coverings

For extreme winds and added security, polycarbonate coverings provide a great solution for your sidewalls. Increase IR value over non inflated polyethylene sidewalls roll ups.

Evaporative Cooling

Significantly lower greenhouse temperatures with evaporative cooling. Used on the intake side of the greenhouse, our evaporative cooling systems use cold water to coold own air as its drawn through the greenhouse. Evaporative cooling systems additionally neutralize pollen and outside contaminates.

Fogging Systems

High pressure fogging systems by Fogco provide additional cooling and humdiifying options for dry and high temp climates. Additionally the high pressure fog neutralizes pollen and other contaminants to keep the greenhoues disease free.


Essential for humid clients, choose from various size dehumidifiers to aid in properly maintaining ideal humidity for health plants. Limits powdery mildew outbreaks and improves crop quality.

Odor Elimination

Tested and guaranteed odor elimination options for locations with strict odor laws. A fogging system is used on the exhaust fans and ridge vents with an additive that neutralizes 100% of all odors.

Insect Screen

Cover your intakes, sidewalls, and ridge vents with insect screen to prevent moths and other pests from entering the greenhouse. Reduces the need for insecticide use.

Natural Gas & Propane Heating

Keep temperatures from swinging is essential to maintaining healthy plants. Utilize the industry best Reznor propane or natural gas heaters to automatically heat greenhouse as needed.

V-Flow Vertical Fans

Combined with horizontal airflow fans, V-flow fans by Vostermans creates the ideal solution for heat distribution throughout the greenhouse. Pulls warmer air from above the plant canopy and redistributes air for more consistent temperatures.

Grow Lights

Use the right lights for your climate, growing goals, and budget. We help guide you through the process of choosing lights and ideal placement. Choose from energy efficient LED’s, LEC’s, and high power HPS lights. All tested and vetted for greenhouse efficacy and results.