20′ Wide Straight-Wall Quonset Style Greenhouse

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Our Fullbloom Greenhouse packages make greenhouse growing hassle free and economical by using best in class galvanized steel framing, anti-drip and light diffusing poly, and only the best ventilation and automation options. We designed our framing to be as simple as possible to install, eliminating thousands in potential labor costs from our competitors’ frames. We use the toughest and thickest galvanized steel frames in the industry so your greenhouses last longer and are more resilient in tough weather. All of our accessories, such as our exhaust fans, are US made and UL listed for easy permitting. Last but not least we provide the lowest cost possible by limiting unnecessary features and streamlining our designs, passing the savings and simplicity on to the customer.

Making the switch from outdoor (or indoor) growing to greenhouses makes more sense than any other growing style. By limiting exposure to rain, snow, humidity, pests, excessive heat and cold, the quality of the flowers produced are often comparable to any indoor garden. Outdoor growers can save thousands in expenses every month by harnessing the power of the sun. Indoor growers save tens of thousands on building and energy costs by harnessing the sun and lower equipment costs.

Note: Not all items included in photos come standard. Contact your sales rep for details on package contents.

Standard Quonset Style:

The Quonset style greenhouse is only available in sizes 20 feet wide and 20-145 feet long. It has a center height of 12 feet. Our sidewalls are straight, rather than a curved hoop house, which allows you to maximize the amount of plants in your grow space without sacrificing plant height. Both end walls are covered with a translucent soft poly. One wall contains the custom, pre-welded double doors (4’ x 8’ each) and the other is a solid endwall. The permanence of the endwalls makes it easy to mount fans and other equipment. Each package includes:

  • Pre-cut, pre-drilled galvanized steel framing.
  • Anti-drip poly for superior humidity control.
  • Highest sidewalls in class (7ft) for maximum airflow and plant space.
  • Manual side roll-up setup for improved ventilation.

Optional equipment includes automation controllers, exhaust fans, HAF (horizontal airflow) fans and intake louvers for internal air circulation. For those growers interested in fully automation, inquire about the environmental controller, which works with all your air circulation, heating, and cooling equipment to simplify your grow operation.


Anti-Drip Poly:

We made Kool Lite Plus anti-drip poly the standard option for our greenhouses. This  anti-drip technology reduces harmful condensation all year round, protecting your plants from excess surface moisture. Kool Lite also assists with humidity, reducing any costs associated with dehumidifying your grow. The light diffusing qualities of the anti-drip poly helps keep your plants cooler and healthier resulting in astounding increase in plant yield, by as much as 30%. We are happy to offer this to you in order to further increase your growth and eliminate some potential problems.


Manual Roll-up Sides:

Open your greenhouse to the summer breeze on a clear day. Easily reach the exact plant you want to treat. With the included manual roll-up cranks simply adjust both sides of the greenhouse’s clear plastic to generate greater ventilation.

  • Easy-to-use wind up tool.
  • Smoothly roll plastic up to desired height.
  • Clear plastic is secured to the galvanized steel roller bar, eliminating flyaway edges.
  • Includes 2 steel roller bars, 2 winding mechanisms and mounting bolts.