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Our blackout poly is the premium light-proof covering in the light deprivation industry. It is perfect for both automated and manual setups and is designed to withstand the rigors of growing in a light deprivation cycle. The reinforced tarp is lightweight and designed without pinholes to offer the best 100% blackout interior. The exterior layer is white to reflect heat and is layered with thermal stabilizers and UV inhibitors to extend outdoor growing capabilities.

The innovative design includes a polyester scrim reinforcement to prevent tears and rips in the poly. This poly is manufactured with virgin polyethylene resin, making it a certified organic product in compliance with USDA and FDA standards. This poly comes in a variety of widths to best suit your needs and both 50’ and 100’ rolls are available.



  • 8mm thick, double-layer blackout poly
  • Black interior, white exterior to provide 100% blackout.
  • 50’ and 100’ ft rolls available.
  • Durable and resists rips and tears.
  • Perfect for use with both automated and manual light deprivation greenhouses.
  • Works well in extreme heat and cold (-70 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Certifiable organic product.

If you require a size not listed here, please call our sales representatives for more information about custom orders.

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