Solarig Greenhouse Covering Poly

The Best Greenhouse Covering for Your Grow

Whether you’re just considering a greenhouse, or you’re an experienced greenhouse operator, choosing the right greenhouse covering can be a challenging undertaking. Due to the variety of existing available greenhouse coverings and new coverings that are constantly appearing on the market, it’s often very difficult to make an informed decision on what greenhouse covering is best for you.

You probably don’t enjoy doing hours of painstaking research, reading industry publications, or getting lost in the maze of YouTube videos that are often misleading because they offer so much conflicting information.

Wouldn’t it be nice to connect with a greenhouse industry leader who’s done all the legwork?

Here at Fullbloom you can save hours of frustration and get growing in the perfect greenhouse that meets all of your unique growing needs.

Fullbloom is a trusted industry leader.  We can show you there’s really only one perfect greenhouse covering that outperforms all the others in price, quality, strength, and longevity.

No other greenhouse covering is as effective as SOLARIG™ 156 and 182. It’s simply the best greenhouse covering on the market today

Here are the reasons why you should make SOLARIG™ your first choice for all your greenhouse covering.

Fullbloom uses SOLARIG™ as the standard on their premier, large-scale, commercial greenhouse structures.

During their first few years of business development, Fullbloom tried and tested all the leading manufacturer brands and none of them were able to meet the demanding specifications as completely as SOLARIG™.

Fullbloom owner and head greenhouse designer Erick Recors says of SOLARIG that,

“Their poly is truly the best I’ve seen.”

The purpose of your greenhouse and the accessories included is to simulate an optimum year-round growing environment for your crops.  

The covering you use is your main defence against the harsher elements. SOLARIG™ 182 and 156 woven poly protects your plant and greenhouse environment with UV, light diffusing, and anti-drip properties.

As the sun progresses across the sky through its daily arc, sunlight will be penetrating your greenhouse poly from different angles. With the light diffusing properties of SOLARIG™ poly, the sunlight rays will be dispersed throughout the greenhouse, giving each of your plants even sunlight coverage and allowing them to fully utilize the natural sunlight at any time of the day.

SOLARIG™ poly fabric is designed to block out ultraviolet sunlight rays that deteriorate poly coverings. Ultraviolet will break down the properties of plastic, causing poly coverings to become brittle and reducing the life span. This UV treated, woven poly gives your covering a longevity of life unrivaled by other coverings on the market. Rated for 4-6 years depending on the thickness, your Solarig poly will keep your plants happy for many years without replacement, leaving you with fewer worries and a fatter wallet.

SOLARIG™ also has anti-drip properties allowing for better control over moisture build up. Plants transpire the moisture they absorb through their roots, meaning condensation will occur in any enclosed growing environment. Anti-drip additives will collect this water and, instead of letting it drip freely onto your plants causing mold/mildew issues, it will run down the sides of the poly walls. You can easily collect this water run off to be repurposed, saving on water usage.

Fragility will not be an issue with SOLARIG™ poly. It has the strength to protect your plants in all weather conditions. This is possible because SOLARIG™ 182 and 152 have a tested tear strength of 60-96 lbs. per square inch. The thicker, woven fabric will also protect against debris, often carried by high winds. Using SOLARIG™, you’re protected. It’s poly fabric is anti-tear by design and has the highest rated life span of 4-6 years (mil dependant).  

Another added benefit to the woven poly fabric is the ability to remove and reinstall with little risk of puncturing or tearing. If you live in a high snow climate and are looking to leave your greenhouse dormant, you can easily remove your solarig covering and reapply in Spring when you are ready to get growing.

For year round protection against the elements, with maximum light exposure, longevity, and UV and IR treatments, you can depend on SOLARIG™ to achieve record yields.