Fullbloom’s Light Deprivation Greenhouses VS. Standard Ag Greenhouses

Many customers ask us why our light dep greenhouse frames use thicker and more robust steel than the cheaper general agriculture greenhouses on the market. After explaining the benefits of a stronger structure, we often hear from customers that have lost a crop to disease or collapse “We wish we knew this before”. For your benefit, we have put together some easily accessible information on the differences.

Light Dep vs. Agriculture Greenhouses

  • Traditional freestanding greenhouses don’t have to use precise bends and angles. A light dep greenhouse has to have precise bends or runs the risk of  light leaks or shade casted from the blackout system.
  • Cannabis and hemp require a very controlled environment in order to produce healthy “indoor quality” plants.
  • Controlling the environment and extending seasons requires heavy equipment; lights, heaters, dehumidifiers, circulation fans, CO2 generators, large exhaust fans, etc.
  • Many growers end up using light deprivation greenhouses for initial curing and drying of plants. Wet plants can weigh A LOT.
  • Hurricane’s and big storms will often collapse regular farm greenhouses.

That all being said, growers using their greenhouses for 3 seasons can often use a more farm style greenhouse. Risk of collapse is lower when not using winter equipment, lights, or curing in the greenhouse. Fullbloom has retrofit blackout kits that can fit on most regular greenhouses. However, anyone pushing for a 4-6 harvests should really consider a more robust structure.

Fullbloom’s Guardian, Titan Cathedral, and Gutter Connect greenhouse structures (available in 30’, 35’, and 40’ widths) all use precisely engineered frames with thick oval and rectangular tubing. As a result, these structures are built to withstand hurricanes and the worst snow storms of the US and Canada. With hot dipped galvanized and pre-welded trusses add integral strength to the greenhouse. This creates extremely strong structures with a straightforward install.

For more information and for wind and snow ratings please feel free to give us a call or fill out a contact form to get a quote.