The 20” Green Breeze HAF fan provides greater airflow than regular basket fans, while maximizing temperature distribution and humidity control throughout your greenhouse. Using horizontal airflow (HAF) techniques, the Green Breeze by J&D Manufacturing is designed to be the most energy efficient and versatile fan available. Most commonly used to move around air that gets stagnant in the ridge of the greenhouse, the tapered side guard feature pushes air laterally in a tight pattern through the area, removing hot or cold pockets, resulting in a more uniform temperature and potentially reducing winter heating costs. HAF fans are integral in creating proper airflow for your plants to grow healthy and strong throughout the entire cycle.

The Green Breeze guard is white powder coated and corrosion resistant to protect against humidity and other greenhouse conditions. With J&D’s patented open front technology, the entire front fan guard opens outward, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Product features:


  • Runs on 115 Volts with an amperage pull of 4
  • CFM rating of 3,580
  • White powder coated, corrosion resistant fan guard
  • Direct drive motor with fully sealed ball bearings
  • Comes complete with mounting bracket and installation hardware
  • Comes with a 115 volt three-prong plug with attached 10’ cord
  • Fans ship fully assembled to reduce installation time


J&D Manufacturing provides at least a one-year limited warranty on most products. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales representatives for more information at 888.725.4769.


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