Light traps are an integral part of growing in a light deprivation greenhouse. They are affixed to any exhaust fans or intake louvers mounted in your end walls, the bigger the opening, the bigger the light trap that is needed. Light traps consist of plastic fins, specially designed for optimal airflow without letting light through, with a sheet metal casing. This allows for open ventilation and efficient air exchange while in blackout mode. With these light traps, gone are the days where growers have to choose between proper air flow and complete darkness.

This 36” light trap is most often used with 36” louvers or 24” slant wall exhaust fans. They are made to be sturdy and optimize blackout capabilities. It can be used as a passive air intake alone, or to cover intake louvers and exhaust fans. All Fullbloom light traps are shipped unassembled to help reduce shipping costs, but assembly instructions are included.


36′ Structures

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