Introducing the Cultivator dry trimmer from Kairos – the worlds best dry trimming machine. The Cultivator dry trimmer works by gently spinning your buds around a disk, shaving off unwanted leaves and stems and putting them in your dry trimming bin. Kairos’ Cultivator machine has been rigorously tested and re-tested to provide maximum efficiency in trimming without sacrificing flower and damaging your buds. Able to trim anywhere from 8-16 lbs per hour (depending on your strain), this machine does 80 percent of your trim work automatically.

Unlike other trimmers on the market that use a dryer like “tumbler” which will break trichromes, damage terpenes, lower overall potency, and literally knock your flower into pieces – the Cultivator dry trimmer gently pushes the buds down onto a disk. You can use the machine to knock off the main leaves and have your hand trimmers finish or continue to run the machine until a majority of stems and leaves are removed and clean from there. Featuring a digital timer for hands free operation, you can simply add in your flower and walk away. The cleaning and operation is simple with our easily removable stainless steel disc blades. With a limited lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer support choosing the Kairos Cultivator for your dry trimmer is the easy choice.

Simply shuck your buds, cure them, and pour them into the Kairos machine and you’ll remove up to 80% of your trim costs in one fell swoop. Many of our customers will call that enough but having someone make a pass at the flower to remove any straggling branches or leaves will leave you with some very well manicured buds.

If you’re local to Southern or Central Oregon make sure to check out our Rentals page to secure the machine for temporary use.

Why Dry Trimming?

Dry trimming is widely believed to be the best method for producing the best quality flower. Allowing your plants to hang with the leaves still attached produces a better smell and stronger flower then simply trimming all the leaves off while wet. In addition, dry trimming enables you to save valuable leaves for later use.


You may pick up a Kairos Cultivator locally if you are near our facility. There is no charge for picking up your trimming machine from our facility and you will not have to pay for shipping. Contact us for more information. NOTE: Depending on current stock levels local customers may still have to wait for shipment.

  • Processing / Manufacturing Time:You can expect 5-7 Business Day Processing times. All orders are processed in the order they are received and additional delays can occur in rare circumstances.
  • Shipping Time: 3-7 Business Days depending on destination; Up to 15 business days in rare circumstances.
  • Assembly: Minor assembly is required. This includes installing brushes, plugging in cables, etc.
  • Shipping Method: Freight – Kairos Trimmers are primarily shipped through a freight company, though some items may come in separate packages through other carriers (FedEx/UPS).
  • Packaging Materials: Kairos Trimmers are discretely packaged.
  • Shipping Cost: $350
  • Shipping Destinations: We only ship to the Continental United States. Please contact us for shipping quotes to other destinations such as Alaska, Hawaii, And Canada.