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Kool Lite anti-drip, light diffusing poly is quickly gaining popularity among greenhouse growers. In fact, all Fullbloom greenhouse packages now come with Kool Lite as the standard option for your clear poly. It is formulated to reduce condensation to alleviate conditions caused by humidity. All light contains heat. The light diffusing technology essentially blocks the spectrum of light that is unnecessary for plant growth, thereby reducing temperatures within the greenhouse. By eliminating that extra heat, plants experience less heat stress, which means they need less water overall.

Use of Kool Lite poly also reduces energy usage for your entire grow. As a result of the reduced heat and condensation in the greenhouse, less money is required to run air conditioners and dehumidifiers during your growing season. Less condensation and humidity reduces the occurrence of powdery mildew and other similar problems and saves money that would have been spent to correct those issues. Kool Lite poly saves energy, water, supplies, time and money. Few growers can afford to work without it.

We have a variety of roll sizes to best suit your needs. Standard rolls are 100’ long and come in widths of 20’, 24’, 32, 36’, 42’ and 48’. Occasionally, rolls of 150’ are available from the manufacturer or can be special ordered. Please let our sales representatives know if you require a longer roll of poly and we’ll get to work.