Growers use inflation blowers to insulate their greenhouses against a variety of situations. Whether looking to protect your greenhouse from rain and snow, cold winds or the blistering heat of summer, an air inflation system can work for you.

This system, manufactured by J&D Manufacturing, is designed to eliminate condensation and create a layer of air between the outside world and the interior of your greenhouse. That air layer acts as insulation against excessive heat or cold and other undesirable elements. Each inflation package includes the blower, air exhaust deflector, mounting bracket, air inlet regulator and air inlet hose. The inlet hose comes standard at 4 ft. long but may be cut to fit any project as required.

We highly recommend this product for anyone considering growing during the winter months. It can offset many issues for grow sites that experience extreme cold by insulating your plants against winter weather and humidity.

Keep in mind that this product only includes the blower and associated hardware. Depending on the length of your greenhouse you may need two blowers to properly insulate, but you will never need more than one additional layer of poly. Our poly is sold separately for your convenience. To easily determine how many blowers your grow requires, call our sales representatives for more information.